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March 23, 2021

Lil Poppa – Boys To Men Lyrics

[Intro] Turn me up YC (Turn me up YC, turn me up YC) RealRed, I'm so f*ckin' bumpin', bro Them niggas send shots, we send shots back Lil' one said they on the block, take em where the opps at We need another Glock, f*ck it go and cop that What the f*ck wrong with the cops, asking, "Where Poppa at?" [Verse 1] You little […]

March 28, 2018

Shy Glizzy – Make It Out

[Intro] Rest in peace YC, you with me forever GG, gang gang gang, yeah [Verse 1] Ooh I think she like me, I don’t blame her, why not? A nigga stay icy and a nigga stay strapped And plus I’m really swaggin’ and she know I got racks He be acting like a faggot, he won’t ever get her back I used to see that […]

December 12, 2017

Shy Glizzy – Haters Anthem Lyrics

[Intro: Shy Glizzy] Yeah Goddamnit man Ayy, Young Jefe holmes GG shit [Verse 1: Shy Glizzy] Twenty-four hours, bitch I’m rolling off a molly In twenty-four years I never told on nobody Oh no rap is not my job bitch, I just do it for a hobby Them is not no rappers, it’s some gangsters in the party And I never ever ever let these […]