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March 18, 2020

Mike Shinoda – Open Door Lyrics

Play this song (Woah) Yeah [Verse 1] They tell you that you should quit trying You are too small That you are too young They tell you that chance’s too slim The world is too big But you say “how come?” I’m ready to light a new fire Raise a new flag to cross a new sea And If I’m ever the one in your way Then put your […]

January 10, 2020

Robb Bank$ – Fantasia Lyrics (feat. Cris Dinero)

[Intro: Robb Bank$ & Cris Dinero] Hey Cris… (Mmm) f**k you (Mmm) On you, on you, (Mmm) On you, lemme put it on you (Ah yeah) On you, yeah I put it on you (Ah) All the lies I put it on you All the hate I’ma put it on you (Ah yah) All this dick, only you, daddy came here for you (Yeah yeah) Uh, come with me […]