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February 16, 2020

Vic Rivers – Leaving Las Vegas Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m turning 26, I’m a man Growing old, I’m a man Gotta keep it moving, have to make a move Do it for myself, so much more to prove Four years, broken heart, nearly lost my mind Enough about the past, all about the grind Most these girls, all they see is dollar signs I don’t see em either, I only see the […]

May 15, 2018

Mac Miller – Goosebumpz lyrics

[Verse 1: Mac Miller] Better act right cause I smack dykes Give em blow and a bit of that bagpipe Bitch wanna live that rap life But I already hit that last night Think you’re fucking with me huh? Must be hitting that crack-pipe I be making my money Thank God I learned how to act right My cash like that cocaine Give me more, […]