Tag: Vice Lord

March 26, 2017

Blac Youngsta – Set Trip Lyrics

[Intro] Set Trip, nigga… Set Trip, nigga… Set Trip, nigga… Whatchya rep… Blood, Crip, GD, Vice Lord Throw yo set, set yo, set yo, set trip (Gang Gang Gang Gang Gang) [Hook] Pull down on you with the iron out, nigga (Gang) Bitch ima kill you, better bow down, nigga (Bang) Go against the gang, it’s the Taliban, nigga (Gang) Run up from the gang, […]

March 18, 2017

Freddie Gibbs – No Prblms (Freestyle)

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah We been out to ride with that four-five Yeah You know the east side gon’ ride Yeah [Refrain 1] Rap nigga you a goddamn lie Goddamn Fuck a booth I’m in the kitchen, I’ll whip another goddamn pie Goddamn pie Hit a freaky Puerto Rican bitch and got her in a goddamn ride And she got so goddamn high I’m usually […]