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August 5, 2017

Do you still feel – Rain Man feat. Max lyrics

Lyrics Rain Man – Do you still feel I can’t believe I get to wake up next to you Sometimes it’s too hard for me to do feeels like we’ve been on this way girl. (do you still feel) And to me it feeels amazing But, my biggest fears in the years tearing us apart. So I just gotta know Do you still feel? Do […]

March 17, 2017

RICK ROSS – Summer Seventeen lyrics

You scared to die nigga? Open your eyes wide and I pray you are I’m out on bond so I gotta beat it All the dope boys say they wanna be me (boss) I got a lick boy, I got a lick 2017 trust me boy, this one is it I used to smoke the weed until my fingers burn Pool of bitches fucking me, […]