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March 3, 2020

Marlo – Last Time Lyrics (feat. No Plug)

[Intro] Cook that shit up, Quay [Verse 1: Marlo] I went from making thirty off them hundreds to a nigga gettin’ money I stayed standing, f**king bitches and stayin’ on top of riches, run them digits Stop f**kin’ with them pigeons, I’m in the kitchen, really gettin’ it I was sixth grade with a bag of midget, tryna flip it Big bomb tucked, pistol armored […]

December 12, 2017

Gunna – Drip Or Drown

[Intro] Yeah, yeah [Verse 1] I got woodgrain on my Damier Buckle Cool quarter mill in my Goyard duffle I won again so you still gotta shuffle Born with the drip and just learned how to hustle Look at your bitch through these Dior bifocals I get me some Henn, she bend that shit over They say lately I been lookin’ like dollars Pinstripe high […]