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February 3, 2020

Lil Pump – Gucci Gang 2 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Gucci Mane & Lil Pump] Gucci Gang Jetski Thank you, Fizzle (Wow) Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang [Chorus: Lil Pump & Gucci Mane] Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci Look like an ice cream cone (Wrist, yeah, brr) Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci I got on take a nigga bitch colonge (Chanel, gang) Gucci (Sheesh), Gucci, Gucci Hit from the back, wow, she sing my song (Gucci […]

February 10, 2018

Paris Hilton Talks Women In EDM, Wants to Ditch The Term “Female DJ” [WATCH]

No matter what people say about Paris Hilton, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and that’s very admirable… Case-in-point, her outlook on the “female DJ” and why we should completely ditch the term. The entrepreneur, designer, and “Foam and Diamonds” resident DJ speaks frankly with a TMZ reporter in the video below as she preps her luggage for a flight. When he asks why there […]

December 22, 2017

2 Chainz – I Luv Dem Strippers lyrics

Let’s play big bank take little bank You are looking at a shark in a fish tank When I’m in the kitchen, I make plenty cash Tell shawty come here, she got plenty ass Yeah, I luv dem strippers Yeah, I luv dem strippers Yeah, I luv dem strippers Yeah, I luv dem strippers In my foreign car, got the trunk by the engine So […]

September 29, 2017

Young Thug – Been Gettin Racks Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug] I’mma fly to L.A, I been getting the racks Tired of cashing that money Fuck her front and the back I don’t ever talk smack Pussy you ain’t takin’ jack I don’t like cats I like jags I drink drank by the keg I don’t want head if it’s stankin Suck that dick while you plankin’ I might buy new Acres Come […]