Tag: North Face

March 13, 2021

Bladee – Safehouse Lyrics

[Verse] Money children, Gucci eyes, distant vision Black magician, holy sword, evil spirit Secret mission, magic stones in my necklace Heal infection, Rainworld, shield protection True Religion, T-shirt True Religion Young Bladee riding 'round like a supervillain Purple Prius (Ah) Don't cross me like Jesus Night vision, I can see if they see us Leather jacket, living in cold conditions (Uh) North Face 700, eternal […]

June 12, 2019

GoldLink – No Lie Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Wizkid] Act like you don’t know me Mi no lie I do this thing and I do this thing for real Mi no lie Got a couple girls and guys who could die for me Mi no lie Buss’ up the party and everything, doo, doo Mi no lie Call off the beef sometime, everything nice and fine Mi no lie […]

January 31, 2018

Rejjie Snow – Rainbows

[Pre-Chorus] Rainbows rainbows Rainbows raibows [Chorus] Rainbows rainbows rainbows Rainbows rainbows rainbows Rainbows rainbows rainbows Rainbows rainbows rainbows [Verse 1] Cold sweats and my religion was To be black like mike and liquorice I’m a star, I’m a king, I’m champion to those black face, black taste and I got black hoes Jerusalem is calling my name and the flight gate is lemons all I […]