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August 29, 2021

Jaden – Still in Love Lyrics

[Intro] I’m still in love [Verse 1] I just landed from Verona, yeah, I’m looking for ya, still in Arizona Young Yoko Ono, know you could’ve told a nigga Cryin’ in the club, dyin’ in the club, pants hanging low Don’t pull ’em up, think we give a— look (Still in love, still in love) Like it’s high school, the city hot ‘Bout to spin […]

February 22, 2021

Kelly Rowland – Speed of Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Love should be calm, love should be still Love should be water flowing through a quiet hill But we are acting like the opposite We are thunder in a hurricane [Pre-Chorus] We could go one hundred But then we’d miss somethin’ Take your time, don’t rush it [Chorus] Let’s go the speed of love (Love), speed of love (Love) Speed […]

May 15, 2020

Daniel Caesar – Made to Fall in Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] As autumn leaves start to fall Will you cling to me, my love? If my simple words are just not enough Let me stop by saying you’re all I want [Chorus] We were (Made to fall in love) Fall in love, yeah (Made to fall in love) (Made to fall in love) Let it be like moon and stars above, ohh [Verse 2] Ooh Da-da-da-da-da, da-da Seasons change as […]

March 28, 2020

Joyner Lucas – Still Can’t Love Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Joyner Lucas] She got a nice face, she got a nice body (Got a nice body) I still can’t love her, still can’t trust her, baby, I’m sorry (Baby, I’m sorry) I’ll hold her down, if you don’t got me, then I got me (Yeah, I got me) It’s over now, so please don’t call me, please don’t find me (Please don’t find me) Yeah, […]

February 27, 2020

E.m.d. – This Year’s Love Lyrics

This years love had better last Heaven knows it’s high time I’ve been waiting on my own too long And when you hold me like you do It feels so right I start to forget how my heart gets torn When that hurt gets thrown Feeling like you can’t go on Turning circles time again Cut like a knife oh no If you love me […]

February 1, 2020

​lovelytheband – Loneliness for Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Secrets at ungodly hours Her love seems sweet, but it tastes so sour Delicate like a dying flower It felt so good so I wondering how [Pre-Chorus] You feel so Yeah you make me feel so high I’ve been here before But this won’t be the last time [Chorus] ‘Cuz I keep mistaking loneliness for love Oh I’m trying to find myself inside someone […]

October 26, 2019

King Princess – If You Think It’s Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] If this is love I want my money back ‘Cause I could use the check To spend it on a better heart To wear upon my sleeve And it might take a sec My world’s become a mess I’m second-guessing all the things I used to wanna be [Chorus] So if you think it’s love, it is And if you […]

April 27, 2019

MARINA – Believe in Love Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] You say that I’m different to the girls you dated You say that you found me, I’m the one you waited for (On and on) Guess I need to trust you when you say you love me Every day you say that you’ve been thinking of me, on (On and on) [Pre-Chorus] And my mood, it changes all the time […]

April 5, 2018

Kesha – I Need a Woman to Love Lyrics

[Verse 1] Oh, I need a woman to love me Don’t you understand me, baby? I need a woman to love I gotta find her, gotta have her like the air that I breathe One loving girl that’ll understand can’t be too much to need [Chorus] Can’t be now (oh no), can’t be now (oh no) Can’t be now (oh no), can’t be now (oh […]

February 16, 2018

Kygo – Kids in Love Lyrics

[Verse 1: The Night Game] This is our last goodbye Don’t come and find me So hard to see you cry Please, somebody blind me [Pre-Chorus 1: The Night Game] ‘Cause I can feel it I’m still lagging onto every word My heart is beating And I’m sorry that I left you hurt (One, two, three, four) [Chorus: The Night Game] We were kids in […]

February 2, 2018

Dan Auerbach – Up on a Mountain of Love Lyrics

We laugh, we cry We watch the world go by We take it slow, just like the flowers grow Up on a mountain of love Beneath the sky above Far from the big city hustle, the push and shove There’s nothin’ in the world that you’ll be thinkin’ of When you’re up on a mountain of love On a mountain of love With my head […]

August 6, 2017

Mission Uk – Love Lyrics

MISSION UKLove Lyrics Love is real, real is love Love is feeling, feeling love Love is wanting to be loved Love is touch, touch is love Love is reaching, reaching love Love is asking to be loved Love is you, you and me Love is knowing we can be Love is free, free is love Love is living, living love Love is needing to be […]