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May 16, 2018

Henry Metal – 2 Chicks lyrics

2 Chicks, 2 Chicks… 1 Dick… There are many wonders in this life But there is one thing I can’t find Something special, something kind Something that’s been on my mind 2 hot chicks upon my penis At the same time 2 hot chicks doin’ their business Right at the same time Life presents me with many options But none of them sublime But when […]

May 16, 2018

Henry Metal – Gimme A Break lyrics

Why won’t you just quit with your bullshit? Why won’t you just stop the commotion? Why won’t you quit bein’ so fake? And gimme a break Yo it’s Henry Metal with the sweetest rhymes That you’re ever likely to hear Speakin’ about several problems I have In an effort to make them clear Punks be sayin’ certain things that’s gettin’ Harder and harder to take […]