Tag: Hail Lucifer

March 2, 2020

Archgoat – Grand Luciferian Theophany Lyrics

Crawl the Path I walked Follow my Footsteps Burn the Semen as Sacrifice For Your Rite of Passage Through the Obsidian Gates Inside the Flames of Knowledge Join with the Darkness In the Circle of Summoning Hail Satan Hail Lucifer Hail Satan Hail Satan Hail Lucifer Hail Satan Sacred Cup of Knowledge Offered to My Ashen lips The Key to the Powers in Reach Theophany of Lucifer’s Might Reborn […]

February 20, 2020

Possessed – Omen Lyrics

[Verse 1] Rising up from the depths of the sea Bringing armies to war Cast down from the heavens above Laying waste from the shore [Chorus] My hell is real The morning star My mark is sealed Triple sixes in scars [Verse 2] Behold, the seven archons returned Days of vengeance and wrath Cast down to the cities that burn Armageddon my path The beast […]