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July 7, 2021

Dave Loggins – Ship In A Bottle Lyrics

A young American sailor on a foreign shore There to serve his country in time of war Walks to the dock every morning and waits for the ships to come in Wishin’ he was the stamp on the letter he’s mailing home So he could soon be back in her arms again Instead of feeling like a ship in a bottle Tryin’ to get out and sail away Like […]

November 18, 2017

Luke Bryan – Hooked On It

[Verse 1] First time I tied a plastic worm and felt him on the other end It was get the net, get him in the boat Yeah buddy, I was hooked on it First time I heard Chattahoochee on the speakers of my radio I was topping off the tank on my old tune tone it I was hooked on it [Chorus] Hooked on the […]