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May 16, 2021

Thomas Rhett – Heaven Right Now Lyrics

[Verse 1] The fish are finally biting at the cut out on the Caney Your daddy's still fixing motors and a good guy married Macy It's still a religion 'round here We crack a cold beer and raise 'em up To every Tennessee touchdown I wonder what you're doin' in heaven right now [Verse 2] They still ain't paved that road, on Lower Lickton Pike […]

May 7, 2018

INFINITE – TGIF (Dong Woo Solo) lyrics

You can tell me where you at Bakkeuro nawabwa Jigeum derireo galge yeope Ollatal junbihae Geumiya uri sigani Maen jeongsineuro bonael suneun eopsji You already know Yeah I know that So we gotta go outside yeah Yeogijeogi duribeonduribeon Jeil hashan gosimyeon eodideun Tteonabwa nan sanggwaneopseo Gati nol saramdeul eoseo buteo yeogi Oneul naega chaegimjyeo No Worry Haega jigo dari tteumyeon Sijakhae sorichyeo Thank God It’s […]