July 11, 2017

69 Eyes – Blind For Love Lyrics

69 EYESBlind For Love Lyrics At the first in the morning I know I’ve gotta get out of here I run around your room trying to find some gear I notice you in your bed, you’re smiling at me Seems you don’t understand my lady …. Blind for love I’m always losing someone I’m blind for love I never knew I stared(?)at you anytime Leading […]

July 8, 2017

69 Eyes – Too Much To Lose Lyrics

69 EYESToo Much To Lose Lyrics Nothing’s here easy Nothing’s here clean You gotta take what you can get Life is for real No more sympathy No no more humanity Streets give and streets take Tomorrow comes everyday Too late I know we’ll meet again Streetwalking cheetahs at the world’s end ! GOT TOO MUCH TO LOOSE TO LOOSE WITH YOU Technology and satellites Still […]