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July 12, 2022

Volunteers with the support of “ER” sent a humanitarian convoy for Donbass

International group of volunteers “Moscow-Donbass” with the help of the capital branch of “United Russia” and “Young Guard” sent a batch of humanitarian aid to the special operation zone – 3.5 tons of drinking bottled water. This was reported in the press service of the Moscow regional branch of “ER”. According to the deputy head of the executive committee of the capital's “ER” Irina Yeliferova, […]

February 13, 2021

Masicka & Tarrus Riley New Collab “Corner” Is A Banger: Watch Visual

Masicka, Tarrus Riley, and Dunwell team up on a new dancehall banger, “Corner.” “You can depend on me. Yes you can.” These are the lines that open the lyrics of the newly released song titled “Corner,” sung by Masicka and Tarrus Riley. The incredible mashup also features producer Mario Dunwell. It is not uncommon for Dancehall and Reggae artists to team up, but it is […]

November 11, 2019

OneFour – In The Beginning Lyrics

Play this song (Ay) [Chorus] In the beginning, it was only me and the gang (Tru) Introduced this country to drillin All of a sudden they all wanna bang All of a sudden they all wanna rap, deal, sing and loot (rap, deal, sing and loot) All of a sudden they all wanna trap, drill, ching and shoot (trap, drill, ching and shoot) [Verse 1] They send my young […]

March 5, 2018

Rich The Kid – Drinkin’ Medicine Lyrics

[Chorus: Rich The Kid] I’m drinkin’ medicine, I’m drinkin’ medicine Bitch, I’m drinkin’ medicine Double cup love, I’m drinkin’ medicine I’m drinkin’ medicine (lean), bitch, I’m drinkin’ medicine Pour a four up, I’m drinkin’ medicine (medicine) I’m drinkin’ medicine (dirty Sprite), bitch, I’m drinkin’ medicine Sprite in the club, I’m drinkin’ medicine (medicine) I’m drinkin’ medicine, bitch, I’m drinkin’ medicine [Verse 1: Rich The Kid] […]

March 17, 2017

Papa Roach – Won’t Let Up lyrics

If you feel that your world is coming down around you Would you feel that this world is looking down upon you? The only way you drop it in, you change, you kinda wanna And if you won’t, then you’ll definitely think you coulda And It’s okay if you break down and break through I’ll be here if you need me to remind you You’re […]