Tag: David Banner

May 17, 2018

The Neptunes – Put ‘Em Up lyrics

(perfomed by N.O.R.E.) [N.O.R.E.] Star Trak (Star Trak) Star Trak (Star Trak) Millitainment!! Millitainment (Man) My nigga David Banner in the buildin’ (Man…man) Bounce bounce (Man) Bounce bounce (Man) Bounce bounce [Hook 1: Pharrell] Are you a P-I-M-P? But can’t no nigga put the pimpin’ like me I get em up get em up (up) I get them hoes and put em up (up) I’m […]

January 23, 2018

Cam O’bi – TenderHeaded (feat. Smino)

[Chorus] How come I can’t do what fuck I want do? How come, how come? Tryna get this skraight, no damn hot comb through How come, how come? Weavin’ through the naps, dreams been on hold Since my cradle hit the flo Tender head, my denim skrong Yea, yea, yea, yeaaaaaah [Verse 1: Cam O’bi] Remember when I was a kiddo, growin’ up in the […]

November 2, 2017

Saba – How You Live (feat. MFnMelo)

[Verse 1- Saba] Guess who is back in effect I push this rap to the next Level the lap I get check Catch a body on [?] like a cannibal neck I’m from where Hannibal at They try to silence me You cannot [?] That’s their plan of attack But I speak and then leave em with panick attacks And I dont mean the disco […]