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June 3, 2018

Saba – Nice For What Freestyle lyrics

[Intro: Big Freedia] I wanna know who mothafuckin’ representin’ in here tonight Hold on, hold on [Pre-Chorus: Lauryn Hill] I keep lettin’ you back in (you back in) How can I, explain myself? [Chorus: Lauryn Hill & Drake] Care for me, care for me, you said you’d care for me There for me, there for me, said you’d be there for me Cry for me, […]

November 2, 2017

Kodak Black & Plies – Too Much Money (Uncensored)

[Intro: Kodak Black] Like you niggas ain’t even doing shit You niggas running around here Talking about a nigga hating on you But real shit though dog it’s too much money out here to be hating [Hook: Kodak Black] Too much money out here Too much money out here to be hating (yea) Peep but I dont speak, I see that shit but I don’t […]