February 5, 2021

Jack Prince – CLOUT

“CLOUT” is Jack Prince’s brand new single released in January 2021, a hype rap song which is too fire to be missed. Enjoy your listen, and check out CLOUT lyrics below. She’ all about the clout Real imposter, lost her She slid up in my DM Then I sauced her Oops Boss up Ain’t nobody like me So don’t act like you like me Clout, […]

February 5, 2021

Jack Prince – WILD

“WILD” marks Jack Prince’s second song this year, after CLOUT released just weeks ago, on January 13th. Take a listen to the new song, and check out the WILD lyrics below. Uhh, I’m wild, Fucking up the game get a child Raspy like I’m blowing black and milds Uhh-uhh, wild Playing games, send her down south Pour me up another, off the loud (x2) Bitch, […]