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October 5, 2017

Wu-Tang Clan – People Say (feat. Redman)

[Intro: sample] [Verse 1: Method Man] That’s when my heart turned cold I’m a product of the block We used to cook the product in the pot Asshole to turn the product into rock It’s in my DNA, you see it started with my pops In his hayday he probably put your Father in a box In my hayday, I probably put the product in […]

August 3, 2017

G-EAZY – Wave lyrics

Count my blessings, not my flaws Leveled up now I’m a boss I double bag from every loss So worry not at all, ‘cuz I’m on a wave I’m on a wave I’m on a wave Watch me rise like the tide They all want to ride the wave [Verse 1: G-Eazy] Back and fourth inside of my head, how I debate it Ironic you’ll […]