Tag: Casey Veggies

December 4, 2018

Casey Veggies – 100 Times Lyrics

[Chorus] Yeah, I can do this shit 100 times Love the grind, slept on me Now the summer’s mine Make a bad chick wait in line Yeah I got side tracked, now it’s my time I can do this shit 100 times Feel like Weezy F. money on my mind I love the grind, you gotta put in work to shine All them bands make […]

April 30, 2018

Logic – Like Me (feat. Casey Veggies) lyrics

Hook: Trying to get it like me Can’t get it like me, Trying to get it like, like me! Trying to get it like me Can’t get it like! Chilling on the West Side, bringing out my best side But I only kept my bitches and how big their breast size is Yes, I is! On the… had to run up, cause you know that […]

November 10, 2017

Listen Wiz Khalifa ‘Laugh Now, Fly Later’ Mixtape Its Fire

Tweet Share Wiz Khalifa drop his new mixtape Laugh Now, Fly Later and its pure fire. The project comes with 10 tracks with only one guest appearance from Casey Veggies, who is featured on the opening single “Royal Highness.” On the rest of the project, its pure Wiz Khalifa spitting fire. He also included the previously released single “Letterman” which is the first single off […]