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August 31, 2017

Troy Ave – Everything Lyrics (feat. Pusha T)

TROY AVEEverything Lyrics (feat. Pusha T) Uh Dope boy swag to the max on ’em Dealing yay for the pay with the strap on ’em Money ain’t a thing but a quick meet Nigga murder ain’t a thing but a hip reach BK nigga and I’ve been what’s up Word to my mother I don’t give a f**k Like a fronting ho I ain’t fronting […]

March 18, 2017

Troy Ave – Why

[Intro] Some people throw shots and it don’t matter Cause when I throw shots, bones shatter Shout to all the real independents Labels and women, BSB [Hook] You sold a couple records but nobody cares You never on the radio cause nobody cares You don’t matter so you mad bruh, nobody cares You just a Internet rapper, nobody cares You a worker, I’m a boss […]