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February 24, 2021

Dababy – Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro] Best motherf*ckin’ rapper, nigga, this Baby, nigga Let’s go [Verse] Ready to get it started, nigga (Go) Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shawty Pull up to the Grammy awards with my .40 She told me she like how I’m dressin’ and I ain’t eatin’ no salad (Uh-huh) Stevie Wonder can see that I’m havin’ I told […]

March 11, 2019

YBN Cordae – Have Mercy Lyrics

[Intro] Kid Ugh [Chorus] Sweet Lord, please have mercy Baby Jesus, please save us I know I used up my three favors Back to sinnin’ like a week later New car, speed racer Cop a crib, need acres Most of all, we all need prayer Karma comin’, beware I don’t know where I’m goin’, huh But I hope I’m on the right path Life’ll hit […]