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May 10, 2021

Caparezza – El Sendero Lyrics (feat. Mishel Domenssain)

[Testo di "El Sendero" ft. Mishel Domenssain"] [Ritornello: Mishel Domenssain] Camina, guerrero, camina Por el sendero del dolor Y la alegria Camina, guerrero, camina Por el sendero del dolor Y la alegria Camina (Camina) [Strofa 1: Caparezza] Faccio un passo nella selva Senza briglie e senza sella Vado incontro alla mia libertà Già da come marcio sembra Selma Alle spalle la mia guerra Io la […]

February 20, 2020

Efek Rumah Kaca – Jalan Enam Tiga Lyrics

Lirik “Jalan Enam Tiga” [Verse 1] Siapa ingin ikut serta Jalan Enam Tiga Kita naik kereta saja Ekspres atau biasa bisa Jangan berdiri di pintu Nanti bisa ganggu laju Banyak yang terburu-buru Ingin sampai tepat waktu [Verse 2] Desak-desakan tak apa Wisatawan dan pekerja Pelajar dan tunawisma Jalan bersama-sama Semua boleh ikut serta Ke Jalan Enam Tiga [Bridge] Macam gaya busana dan gaya bicara Tidak direkayasa jadi diri mereka […]

May 26, 2018

Eric Bogle – Aussie Barbeque lyrics

When the summer sun is shining on Australia’s happy land Round countless fires, in strange attire in many solemn bands Of glum Australians watching as the lunch goes up in flames By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell, that it’s barby time again When the steaks are burning fiercely, when the smoke gets in your eyes When the snacks all taste like […]

May 21, 2018

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Brad Pitt’s Cousin lyrics

(feat. Xperience) [Verse 1: Macklemore] Slick shit man, that’s all we do Hold up, little homie, let me talk my truth Made an Instagram for my cat And my cat doesn’t even rap And got more followers than you Hold up, let me get my cat a bar She’s filthy, hey Cairo come here baby (Meow) Now my cat’s more famous than you ever will […]

April 28, 2018

Imelda Kehoe – Lightning Tree lyrics

You said, that there’s a hole in your life the size of Australia I know, that kind of thing cannot be good for you And I know, and I’m trying to find the positives to say I’ll hold the living hells to ransom for it I know I said but I really meant it, I will be the lightning tree I’ll take the heat, I’m […]

February 9, 2018


[Hook] Can I whip the lamb it depends Post you on the gram, it depends Gucci or the Louis, it depends Came up on some top, it depends Yeah, ooh, it depends Yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh, it depends Can I whip the lamb it depends Louis or the Gucci it depends [Verse 1] Suitcase Two face Blue face Hunnid They don’t really fucking want it […]

November 24, 2017

Hopsin – Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9

[Pre-Chorus] Our lives could’a been so good But momma had to fuck it all up And now your daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma No, daddy doesn’t fuck with your momma All together, come on [Chorus] Our lives could’a been so good But momma had to fuck it all up And that’s why daddy doesn’t fuck with my momma (Hell no) No, daddy doesn’t fuck […]

November 20, 2017

Drake Calls For “Free Meek Mill” During Show in Australia

Tweet Share Drake joins the long list of rappers who are calling for Meek Mill freedom from prison. The 6 God is currently touring in Australia and during his show in Melbourne on Saturday night, he paused for a few seconds to support the “Free Meek Mill” movement. We all know the history of Drake and Meek beef is littered with Ws and Ls with […]

November 16, 2017

Drake Almost Put Hands On A Creep At The Crowd At His Tour Afterparty

Tweet Share Drake was very close to putting hands on a male creep in the audience on his tour’s afterparty in Australia. The 6 God has been touring Australia and New Zealand since the start of this month and after performing at his sold-out show in Sydney on Wednesday night, he was performing at an afterparty at a club in Sydney when he called out […]