August 6, 2022

Musk proposes to release all drug convicts in the US

By Azlyrics

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has proposed the release of US drug convicts amid efforts by the Joe Biden administration to free basketball player Brittney Griner, who was convicted in Russia of drug smuggling. The billionaire stated this on the Youtube channel Full Send Podcast.

“If the president is working so hard to release someone from Russia for drugs, why don't we release people in America who are imprisoned for the same reasons»,— Musk said.

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The businessman noted that, in his opinion, people should not be imprisoned for non-violent actions.

In late July, CNN reported on the White House offer to exchange convicted businessman Victor Bout (sentenced to 25 years for arms trafficking, he pleads not guilty) to Paul Whelan and basketball player Brittney Griner convicted in Russia (the first was convicted in Russia for espionage, the second for drug smuggling).

Greiner was detained in February 2022 at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, and vape cartridges with hash oil were found in her bag. A criminal case was opened against the athlete under the article on the smuggling of narcotic drugs in a significant amount (clause “c” part 2 of article 229.1 of the Criminal Code), which provides for five to ten years in prison. The athlete admitted that she was transporting drugs, but stated that she was “going in a hurry” and did not commit the crime out of malice. The defense of the basketball player insists that medical cannabis was prescribed to her by a doctor in the United States to relieve chronic pain. In early August, the court sentenced the basketball player to nine years in prison.

At the end of July, CNN, citing its own sources, reported that the Joe Biden administration offered Russia to exchange Greiner and Whelan, convicted of espionage, for businessman Viktor Bout. The latter was sentenced by an American court to 25 years for attempting to supply weapons to the organization “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” — The army of the people, which the United States considers terrorist.

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