August 5, 2022

The head of the military administration of the Kherson region was hospitalized

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The head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, Saldo, was hospitalized

The head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo, said that he was hospitalized.

According to him, after the meeting of the regional government, he was approached by the Minister of Health. “And, looking at my appearance, he began to insist on an immediate medical examination. Of course, I refused, but the minister brought the doctors to the office, who, after doing an examination, insisted on immediate hospitalization. Having discussed with the Chairman of the Government, colleagues, I decided to agree with the proposals of the doctors»— wrote Saldo.

The diagnosis and the reason for hospitalization, Saldo did not name. He named the head of the government of the region Sergey Eliseev as acting.

Eliseev headed the government of the Kherson region in early July, previously he was the first deputy chairman of the government of the Kaliningrad region, and even before, in 2014-2016 he was an assistant and deputy head of Vologda . From 1993 to 2005, Eliseev served in the FSB.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the taking of the Kherson region under control on March 15. Power in the region has been handed over to a pro-Russian military-civilian administration that plans to hold a referendum on joining Russia.

In July, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ordered the military to recapture the southern coastal territories. In the same month, Ukrainian intelligence reported preparations for a counter-offensive in the southern direction.

On July 19, the Kherson administration reported that the Antonovsky Bridge had been damaged as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian side. This bridge— the only road through the Dnieper, it connects the regional center with the rest of the territory of the Kherson region, located on the other side. Traffic on the bridge was closed, ferries were launched across the Dnieper.

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