August 3, 2022

What kind of new telephone fraud appeared in Russia during the holidays?

By Azlyrics

A new type of telephone fraud appeared in Russia during the summer holidays. This is reported by RT with reference to Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov.

Intruders easily gain confidence in gullible citizens, since clients of credit organizations receive messages from the number from which real bank alerts are received. 

What is known about the new “banking” fraud scheme?

According to Solovyov, the attackers call the victim from a phone number with the capital region code — 495. At the same time, the caller ID does not mark the call as unwanted, and other warnings about spam calls do not work either.

After answering the call, a person hears a typical voice assistant sound, which informs that the bank has received an application to change the client's phone number. In the future, he asks to confirm the operation by pressing the number “one”, or to reject it by pressing “two”. “Whatever number the person presses, and also if no number is pressed, after the musical loss, the call is transferred to the “bank employee”. He calls the name of the client and reports on the presence of a request to change the telephone number. To clarify everything, he offers to wait for an SMS from the bank, — Solovyov said.

In the future, a person actually receives a message, moreover, from the number from which real bank alerts are received. In the SMS, the client is asked to enter a code to confirm the phone change.

How not to become a victim of a scammer?

The lawyer strongly advises not to enter the code from the received SMS, and you should also stop talking with scammers. If the code is entered, the bank client may lose money from his bank account. “Their only goal — funds deposited in your accounts. Be vigilant», — he noted.


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