August 3, 2022

The defense of St. Petersburg will be strengthened by Bastion missile systems – Izvestia

By Azlyrics

The Leningrad naval base of the Russian Navy will be reinforced with Bastion coastal missile systems, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

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According to experts, strengthening the defense of St. Petersburg is becoming especially relevant against the backdrop of Finland's intention to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

“Taking into account the growth of tension, Finland's entry into NATO , this is one of the natural elements of strengthening the constellation in this direction. Many other steps will be required,” said Vasily Kashin, director of the HSE Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies.

He emphasized that Bastion in modern modification is a multi-purpose tool. The missile system can be used both for coastal defense and for strikes against ground targets at a considerable distance.

It is also noted that due to the fact that the Bastions missiles can hit targets at a distance of 600 kilometers, coastal troops will control the entire region.

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