August 3, 2022

Medvedev composed an “existential fairy tale” after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

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The fairy tale features an old man, an old woman and a goldfish. Although Medvedev does not specify who the heroes of his work are, one can see parallels with the situation of the visit to Taiwan of the speaker of the US House of Representatives< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Nancy Pelosi

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, after the arrival in Taiwan of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, published in his Telegram channel “An Existential Tale of an Old Man, an Old Woman and a Fish”. In brackets, he indicated that it was “not Pushkin.”

Medvedev wrote that the action of the tale takes place in a “big and rich kingdom” where “an old man and an old woman” live. An old fisherman casts a net “often with neighbors and acquaintances” who do not like it. Once the old man went “to a foreign land” to catch “big fish”, but “not with his own hands”: he forced “poor fishermen” to do this, to whom he gave “rods and nets”. “But the fish don't come,” — writes Medvedev.

Then the old man sent the old woman to distant lands, so that she would catch the “golden” there. fish. But when the old woman demanded this fish from the sea, the sea “reared”, in it appeared together with the golden fish “whale fish, sickle fish and hammerhead fish”, “fierce, terrible”, which “just about torn to pieces» old woman. She was “frightened” and came back with nothing— and there an old man and a “broken trough” were waiting for her.

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council warned that this “fairy tale” “not the end”.

Full text of the “fairy tale” Medvedev:

In one big and rich kingdom there lived an old man and an old woman. The old man loved to fish, throwing a net in the most unexpected places, often with neighbors and acquaintances. Obviously, they didn't like it. But they endured, respected the old man for past merits, cunning and strength. For a long, long time he caught fish, large and small, made good money and slowly out of his mind survived. And now his fishing happiness began to change. In unconsciousness, the old man went to a foreign land. I was hoping to catch a big fish in the distant lands. And, as usual, not by hand. He began to demand from poor fishermen that they drag him a fish. And he supplied imudochki and nets, but he himself did not go to sea. He told them: “I have become old, weak. But I need a lot of fish to be happy with the old woman. I need the biggest fish! You will catch until at least one of you remains alive, will stand on his feet, will not drown in the abyss of the sea. And those fools and dupes from the distant lands agreed. Day and night they catch slippery fish and various sea reptiles for the old man and the old woman. They hope to pull out the biggest fish, to amuse the old man with the old woman. But the fish do not go, although the nets are new and the fishing rods are cunning. That mud will come, then the grass of the sea. And the old man got excited more than ever, he remembered his youth, he wants to be the ruler of the earth and the sea. But he is seriously ill, thinks hard, gets confused in his thoughts, stumbles on the go. And then the old man sent his old woman to faraway lands to the farthest kingdom, to catch not just a simple fish, but a golden one. Oriental. So that she always obeyed them, fulfilled their whims, paid off whatever they wished. An old woman arrived in that kingdom-state. Went out to sea. He demands to give her a goldfish on a tray this hour. He wants the old woman to have a fish on parcels. As the blue-sea heard such absurdity, demonic impudence, insane speeches, it reared up, foamed. Its angry waves swelled, howling with a terrible howl. And look— a fish emerged from the ocean. Not simple, but golden, oriental. And with her there is a whale fish, a sickle fish and a hammer fish. Violent, terrible. They click on the old woman with their teeth, they are about to tear it to pieces, tear it apart. The old woman was frightened then in earnest. Worth shaking. The goldfish grinned, glanced briefly into the eyes of the old woman. Yes, she didn’t say anything, she just waved her tail in the water. And washed away the greedy old woman with stormy water— she is not the owner of a golden fish, she is not a decree to the ocean-sea. The old woman returned home not salty slurping. Look— and on the shore sits her sick old man, screwing up his half-blinded eyes, moving his lips, but he does not recognize his old woman. And in front of him lies a broken trough. It's not over yet.

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Beijing believes that Pelosi's visit was a violation of the “one China” principle, according to which Taiwan, which declared its independence from The PRC in 1949 is part of China, not a separate country. Washington pointed out that the speaker's trip was not “a cause for crisis”; and corresponds to their policy towards the island.

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