August 3, 2022

Chinese Foreign Ministry protests Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

By Azlyrics

The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned the US ambassador and protested because of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan Beijing believes that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is a provocation and a violation of the “one China” principle. The White House said earlier that the trip does not indicate any change in Washington policy 673w” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns and strongly protested the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. This is reported by Huanqiu Shibao with reference to the country's Central Television.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng said that Pelosi challenged the world and deliberately committed a provocation, violated the “one China” principle; and the provisions of the three joint communiqués between China and the United States.

The US government should be held accountable and “pay for its mistakes,” he said. Beijing demanded that the American side take practical measures to eliminate the negative consequences of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

"Taiwan— this is a Chinese island, and in the end it will return to the arms of the Motherland,»,— concluded Xie Feng.

Pelosi flew to Taipei, the capital of partially recognized Taiwan, on the evening of August 2 as part of an Asian tour, during which she visited Singapore and Malaysia. Also, her office announced an upcoming visit to South Korea and Japan; a trip to Taiwan has not been officially announced.

The PRC reminded Washington of following the “one China” principle, according to which Taiwan, which declared its independence from the PRC in 1949, is considered by Beijing to be a part of China, and not a separate country, and warned of retaliatory measures if a high-ranking official visits the island. The Chinese army will conduct firing exercises near the island from the evening of August 2.

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US President Joe Biden said in late July that the US military considers Pelosi's trip to the island “not a good idea.” However, White House National Security Council (NSC) strategic communications coordinator John Kirby stressed that Pelosi has the “right” to visiting Taiwan does not indicate any changes in US policy towards China.

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