August 2, 2022

Why are the Spanish slugs that appeared in Moscow dangerous, and how to deal with them?

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Spanish slugs have appeared in Moscow and the Moscow region. Residents of the capital region are posting photos of giant red clams on social networks. In the press service of “Mospriroda” talked about the harm these slugs can cause and where they came from in the Moscow region. jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />


What kind of Spanish slugs?

Spanish slugs (lat. Arion lusitanicus) — a species of terrestrial gastropod mollusks from the lung order. They are devoid of a shell, reach a length of up to 18 centimeters. As previously told Nikolai Sidortsov, full member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, these mollusks are very gluttonous. They can eat on the site everything that gets in their way, and sometimes even commit an act of cannibalism and eat their own kind.

Mospriroda also warned that Spanish slugs can cause trouble for gardeners and gardeners. They eat agricultural products, especially vegetables and fruits. At the same time, the use of wild, uncultivated plants is avoided, since they contain phytoncides, bitterness and other substances with which plants protect themselves from pests. Therefore, red slugs do not pose a danger to the natural areas of the capital.

Are red slugs dangerous to humans?

In general, red slugs are not dangerous to humans. However, they can be carriers of certain types of parasites and pathogens. Therefore, Mospriroda asks those who meet slugs not to touch them with their bare hands.

Can the population of red slugs increase in Moscow?

Spanish slugs have virtually no natural enemies, which is why they are able to reach large numbers. However, Mospriroda notes that in cold weather, the population of red slugs in the capital will naturally decrease. A warmer climate is suitable for this species than in Moscow. Adults and young individuals dig into the soil for wintering, after which they fall into suspended animation. And in the natural areas of the capital, the ground usually freezes several tens of centimeters deep and there are no artificial heat sources there.

How did the red slugs get to Moscow?

The population of Spanish slugs arose by chance in the capital region. Mospriroda believes that mollusks could have been accidentally brought in with fruits and vegetables, or someone brought them specifically to keep at home, and then threw them away.

How to deal with Spanish slugs?

According to Nikolai Sidortsov, special chemicals or salt can be used to fight slugs. Also, these clams love beer, so gardeners make beer traps, and then they collect slugs and burn them. But you need to do this, observing safety precautions, wearing gloves.

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