August 2, 2022

Scientists have found that the shape of the human brain has not changed for 160 thousand years

By Azlyrics

The skulls of modern people differ in shape from the skulls of their predecessors, however, according to a new study, this did not affect the evolution of the brain, Novye Izvestia reports.

The shape of the cranium changed due to the transformation of a person's face, which became more subtle.

At the University of Zurich, a new hypothesis was put forward for the reasons for the transformation. The study found that the skulls of modern children and Homo sapiens, who lived 160,000 years ago, are quite comparable.

People's faces grow up to about 20 years old, and the brain reaches approximately 95% of its size by six years. From this it follows that the human brain has hardly transformed over the past 160 thousand years.

Scientists believe that the transformation of the skulls occurred due to a change in diet or a decrease in oxygen demand.

Formerly a neurologist Rustem Gayfutdinov explained how actress Emilia Clarke was able to preserve her memory and return to a full life, despite the cessation of part of the brain after strokes.

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