August 1, 2022

Turkey announced the time of departure of the first vessel with grain from the Ukrainian port

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The first ship with grain since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine will leave the port in the Black Sea on August 1 at 8:30 local time (coincides with Moscow time), the Turkish Defense Ministry reports on Twitter. Dry cargo ship Razoni flying the flag of Sierra Leone will head to Lebanon.

The press secretary of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalin, said the day before that ships with agricultural products are ready to depart from the port of Odessa.



In accordance with the agreement that Ukraine and Russia signed separately with the UN and Turkey, Kyiv will be able to export grain through three ports— Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny. Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Vaskov said earlier that exports would begin from Chornomorsk, and then Kyiv would be ready to send ships from other ports. On July 29, President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived at the port of Chernomorsk, where a Turkish ship was being loaded.

According to the export agreements, a safe corridor has been created for the export of grain by sea, representatives of Turkey and the UN will monitor the loading, and check ships at the entrance and exit in the Black Sea— coordination center, which included representatives of Ankara, Moscow, Kyiv and the UN. This is necessary in order to exclude the transport of weapons in empty ships, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu noted.

According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, UN Secretary General António Guterres, as part of an international deal, undertook to contribute to the removal of restrictions against agricultural products and food from Russia. The ministry expressed hope that grain exports from Ukraine and Russia will start simultaneously.

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Dry cargo ships with grain for export have been blocked in the seaports of Ukraine since the outbreak of hostilities in the country. The Ukrainian authorities and the UN accused Russia of blocking the courts. The Russian Ministry of Defense insisted that the ships could not leave the ports due to Ukrainian mines in the sea.

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