August 1, 2022

Bulgaria’s President Dissolves Parliament and Calls Early Elections

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The service government was headed by Gylyb Donev, who served as secretary in the presidential administration. In June, the Bulgarian parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the government< source srcset=" 590w" type="image/webp" >

Rumen Radev

The President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev called early parliamentary elections and appointed a technical government. It was headed by Gylyb Donev, who served as secretary in the administration of the head of state.

Early parliamentary elections will be held on October 2.

Bulgaria is in a protracted political crisis. In 2021, parliamentary elections were held three times in the country. The main struggle unfolded between the party “Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria”; (GERB), ruling the country intermittently since 2009, and parties declaring a course to fight corruption and strengthen ties with the European Union and NATO.

In November 2021, the Keeping Change coalition won the election. led by Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev, former ministers of economy and finance. This coalition included representatives of the eponymous party “Continue to change”; (Petkov & mdash; its leader, he eventually became prime minister), the Bulgarian Socialist Party, as well as the parties “There are such a people” (ETH) and “Democratic Bulgaria”.

However, in early June, ETN left the ruling coalition. The opposition GERB then submitted a motion of no confidence in the government to parliament, and on June 22 it was supported. One of the key reasons was the issue of lifting the veto on granting North Macedonia the status of a candidate member of the European Union— due to historical differences and respect for the rights of ethnic Bulgarians in this country. Another reason for the vote of no confidence was the controversy over the country's budget.

The prime minister, commenting on the decision of the parliament, said that the government was “overthrown”; Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova, media tycoon Delyan Peevski, head of the GERB party Boyko Borisov and founder of the party “There are such a people”; Glory to Trifonov.

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Mitrofanova called these accusations “convenient” position for Petkov. “When the difficulties and anti-Russian hysteria began— and traditionally the people of Bulgaria have a very good attitude towards Russia,— the fact that Bulgaria stood in the forefront of support for sanctions caused at least bewilderment among many here,” — she noted. The Ambassador also pointed to high inflation (18.5%) and the issue of North Macedonia, whose accession to the European Union Bulgaria does not support for historical reasons. According to her, it was on these two issues that there was actually a “big disagreement”; in parliament.

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