July 30, 2022

A lawyer from a pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka revealed the details of the night shelling

By Azlyrics

Captured militants began to confess to the destruction of civilians

53 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed, 75 were wounded. This is the result of the night shelling of the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka. According to RIA Novosti, fragments of ammunition from the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system were found at the site. Parts of the numbers have been preserved on some of the wreckage. We contacted lawyer Igor Vagin, who works with untried prisoners of war and often visits this colony.

Photo: Global Look Press

“My colleague Dmitry Ershov and I visit this colony every other day, or even every day,” says Igor Vagin. — This is the so-called Volnovakha colony. It is located 20 kilometers from Donetsk on the way to Mariupol. We come to this colony together with the military police. We pick up the defendants to check the testimony on the spot. And in the evening, respectively, we bring them back and rent them. Recently, we have to wait 1.5-2 hours until they are taken out.

“This section between Yelenovka and Volnovakha is constantly under fire from the Ukrainian side. They shoot from the MLRS, and they fly from the artillery. The locals say that they can also fire from Maryinka, and there are 25 kilometers in total. And HIMARS is not necessary. They are often hit with Grads. And we were shelled more than once when we were driving along the road here. The gaps were about 500 meters from us.

— This is a fairly large settlement, consisting of several thousand houses. You go deeper – shops work there, people live there. Many people knew this village because of the nearby penal colony, which wore number 120.

– Prisoners of war. These are the “Azovites” (“Azov”, the organization is banned in Russia), who surrendered at the Azovstal plant, and marines from the 36th separate brigade. We only recently took captured Azov militants from there for investigative actions. One of them showed where he shot civilians. The women of this court recognized this “warrior of light.” They said that the nationalists demolished the walls of the apartments for free movement on the floors and changing positions.

– If the shelling was at 2 am, then they obviously hit purposefully in the zone. As for those under investigation, they are now testifying, no matter what. And these statements are very interesting. In the colony, their head starts to work differently. There is no recharge and processing from the curators. I have something to compare. They speak differently now.

— There are three barracks, three two-story or three-story barracks. There are also some industrial premises.

– The colony is guarded by Russians, employees of our Federal Penitentiary Service. Investigators constantly come there to conduct interrogations.

—The fencing system there is very, very serious.

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