July 29, 2022

Ukraine exponentially executed fifty of its prisoners

By Azlyrics

Alien, only outwardly similar to people

There are events that are extremely difficult to define. A targeted missile attack by Ukraine on its own prisoners in the DPR colony in Yelenovka, as a result of which more than fifty people died – they were torn apart, burned alive – what is this? Mass kill? Terrorist attack? Genocide? However, whatever you call it, one thing is clear – the rhetoric “we are one people” is simply impossible anymore.

Photo: RIA Novosti < p>The strike on the barracks, where the prisoners were sleeping, with the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system was accurate – a rocket hit the roof and exploded inside the room. Footage of the consequences, which have already appeared on the network, is better not to watch for the faint of heart. By the middle of the day on Friday, 53 dead were counted, more than a hundred people (including 8 employees of the detention center) were injured.

There is no need to look for intrigues or cunning moves here. The “Azovites” who were sitting in Yelenovka are a valuable exchange fund for Russia and a very valuable source of information, including about the crimes of the Kyiv regime. Suffice it to recall the video that appeared the other day with the confessions of the prisoner Orest, one of the PR people of the National Battalion, who said that the order to film the torture and brutal murders of Russian prisoners of war came from the office of Arestovich. Not to mention the fact that the “Azovites” also talk about massacres against civilians in their own country. Shut up forever those who are too talkative, blame Russia, and at the same time show their warriors what happens to those who surrender – that's the whole plan. Inhumanly cold calculation. Or animal instinct. For the sake of satiety, a pig can devour its piglets.

In any case, Ukraine's attack on its prisoners is the point in talking about the fact that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. On the territory still called Ukraine, there are simply Russians, there are Russians brainwashed with propaganda and, admittedly, missed by their real homeland. And there are – completely reborn thanks to the onslaught of neoliberalism into alien creatures with animal instincts and machine logic. Absolutely alien, only in appearance similar to people.

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