July 29, 2022

The wife of a captured Ukrainian marine attacked the Kyiv authorities

By Azlyrics

“I suspected something that would “arrive” in Yelenovka back in April”

Marina Ashifina, the wife of a captured Ukrainian marine who miraculously survived after the shelling of the camp in Yelenovka, said that this morning was “hell” for her. The woman also admitted that she “took off her rose-colored glasses in time” in relation to the Kyiv authorities and generals.

Photo: Frame from video < p>Marina Ashifina – the very wife of the Marine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Pavel, who was not afraid to tell on Ukrainian television how she was looking for her husband. According to the woman, neither the Ukrainian authorities nor European officials could help her. She was able to get full information about a loved one, as well as to see her husband, only after she made a desperate attempt and arrived through Moscow in the DPR. In Ukraine, a woman was accused of betrayal.

Marina's husband was in Yelenovka, in a prisoner of war camp, just at the time of the terrible shelling of the camp and miraculously survived. In her Telegram channel, the woman admitted that she no longer trusts the Ukrainian authorities and is sure that the prisoners of war were fired upon by “their own”.

Here is what Marina Ashimina wrote: “When I look at these shots, my heart bleeds, as Pashka was close to death. Poor guys. This is some kind of horror. Why is it so… I do not know what was in the minds of those who made such a decision. I refuse to understand it… This morning was hell. I would not wish to survive it, even to the enemy… Although no, I’m probably lying, I would like that this is all that I have been experiencing for the last 4 months, experienced at least one politician or commander in chief! To experience in their own skin what relatives of prisoners experience, on which they put a big and thick & hellip;! So that they are not worried about raising their salaries in wartime, but that they, bastard, are ready to give their lives for their son, husband, father or daughter, but this would not help…»

Marina also told what she experienced while trying to find out about the fate of her husband, who ended up in a camp where more than 50 people died on the night of July 29: “The time while they were clarifying information about Pasha seemed like an eternity to me. Thank God everything worked out… He is alive and not injured… But the very fact of this brutal act remains, and where is the guarantee that it will not happen again?!»

The woman also spoke about the reaction of the Ukrainian side – The woman has been repeatedly accused of betrayal. Marina turned to the patriots and stated that the prisoners were fired upon by “their own”: “Today's reports of” patriots ” with shouts: “yes, how can you say that ..” and stuff like that… Yes, I can talk, I know what I'm talking about! I know the situation of captivity from the inside! I know as far as only a few know it! I took off my pink glasses! Thanks to this, I am trying to save my husband's life! But as today has shown, this life is being destroyed by their own…."

In addition, the wife of the prisoner said that the Ukrainian side had repeatedly attempted on the prisoners: to Yelenovka, I suspected back in April… When our guys were taken prisoner, the shelling of this village took place literally the next day, after they were brought there, but they missed. Today they were right on target. This is what took the lives of more than 50 people… I sincerely feel sorry for these guys and their families…»

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