July 29, 2022

Swiss bank blocks account of Russia’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva

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A Swiss bank blocked the personal account of Russia's permanent representative to the UN in Geneva Gatilov s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/resized/673xH/media/img/4/87/756590962384874.webp 673w” type=”image/webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi) ” >< source srcset="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/resized/800xH/media/img/4/87/756590962384874.webp 800w" type="image/webp" media="(max-width: 400px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)" >< source srcset="https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/resized/590xH/media/img/4/87/756590962384874.webp 590w" type="image/webp" >

Gennady Gatilov

A Swiss bank blocked the personal account of Gennady Gatilov, Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Geneva Office, which was used, among other things, to cover medical expenses. It is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the permanent mission.

The bank explained that the bank account was blocked “due to the official status of the head of the diplomatic mission.”

The permanent mission emphasized that Switzerland's refusal of neutrality now affects not only the bilateral political and economic sphere, but also everyday the life of the Russian diplomatic mission.

“A number of banks, insurance companies and car maintenance companies with which we had long-standing partnerships decided to abandon the contracts we had with us, while bluntly saying the reason— because we are from Russia»,— diplomats said.

Earlier, on July 27, at a meeting of the UN working group on international information security, Russian representative Irina Tyazhlova said that Russian diplomats who are going to take part in the work of UN bodies, not only the USA does not issue visas, but also Switzerland.

She recalled that the full participation of countries in the negotiation process is of paramount importance for ensuring the effective work of the UN open-ended working group. However, Switzerland does not fulfill its obligation to host UN agencies.

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In early June, Switzerland supported the EU's sixth round of anti-Russian sanctions, which included a partial embargo on Russian oil supplies.

The country also imposed “financial sanctions and a ban on entry into the country for another 100 people.” Among them are citizens of Russia and Belarus— soldiers, politicians, businessmen, “disinformers”.

In April, Berne banned the import of lignite and hard coal, timber, cement, seafood, vodka and caviar from Russia. Switzerland also blocked 7.5 billion Swiss francs ($8 billion) in Russian assets, as well as at least ten properties owned by Russian businessmen.

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