July 29, 2022

On Brest soil: Andrei Turchak and Denis Pushilin arrived in Belarus to discuss cooperation with Donbass

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Official visit of the Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party and the head of the DPR took place in Brest

The leadership of the Brest region received the Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party Andrei Turchak and the head of the DPR Denis on an official visit Pushilin. The meeting discussed issues of trade and economic cooperation in the context of new challenges and sanctions, and laid flowers at the Eternal Flame of Brest.

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Andrey Turchak, Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia Party, spoke about the importance of cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and Donbass.

“Donbass is actively integrating not only with the regions of the Russian Federation. The current situation requires the acceleration of integration processes to solve common problems for the benefit of our fraternal peoples,” Turchak said after the meeting.

He also separately thanked the President of Belarus for his clear position, which resulted in the negotiations with the head of the DPR.

“We are restoring the Russian world. And we simply can’t imagine the Russian world without the Republic of Belarus,” Turchak emphasized.

The meeting managed to identify the main vectors of interaction between the two republics, explained the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

“The liberation operation will end, and we need to restore the national economy, establish clear and understandable ties with our friendly regions. With the Brest region, we have something to offer each other on mutually beneficial terms. The negotiations were quite successful, we are approaching the stage of detailed study – be it the agricultural sector or industry, including the food industry,” Pushilin shared.

In addition, the Secretary of the United Russia General Council, together with the Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Belarus, Chairman of the United Russia Supreme Council Boris Gryzlov and Denis Pushilin, laid flowers at the Eternal Flame in Brest.

“From the heroic defense of the Brest Fortress takes its countdown the Great Patriotic War. The garrison of the fortress held back the superior enemy forces for a whole month, pinning down an entire German division. And the famous words “I’m dying, but I don’t give up” on its wall are still a symbol of the courage and resilience of Soviet soldiers,” said Andrey Turchak.

The Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party noted that these days the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Brest from the Nazi invaders is being celebrated.

“The city has been under occupation for three long years. Its population during this time was reduced by more than half. Tens of thousands of people died. Today, nearly 80 years later, we are once again fighting the Nazis. And, as in those fateful years, the enemy will be defeated, Victory will be ours!” Turchak concluded.

According to economist and political scientist Vasily Koltashov, the meeting in Brest has several deep meanings.

“This is a place of heroic glory, tragedy and horror from the possible coming of fascism. The West has staked on Ukraine becoming the reincarnation of Nazi Germany. Therefore, Brest is chosen to show that we are dealing with the same threat, although it is framed differently. The threat also concerns Belarus, where the West tried to organize a coup d'état, but failed to seduce a large part of the population with social-liberal fantasies that smell very much of fascism. And while the problem is not completely solved. This, in my opinion, Pushilin wanted to emphasize. In turn, the authorities of Belarus want to say that they understand everything. For a long time they tried to keep their distance from the problems of Donbass, but in 2020 the country experienced a shock. Therefore, now, as we see, the leadership is interested in a dialogue with the DPR. This is part of the rapprochement, the reconstruction of the “Russian world”, post-Soviet genuine integration, between forces that are close in views and interests and have common enemies,” Koltashov commented on the meeting.

According to the speaker, in the future we will only see convergence and greater integration. And the most important thing is that Belarus, Russia, the DPR and the LPR will all come together economically.

“There is no separate format “Belarus and the DPR”. There are liberated territories of Donbass, Russia and Belarus. This is a promising and correct combination of countries and regions ready for cooperation, understanding that they have common interests and goals,” he concluded.

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