July 29, 2022

Fighter LPR “Koba” spoke about the fate of the trophies captured from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

By Azlyrics

“The enemy will be defeated by his own weapons”

The people's militia of the LPR, together with the allied forces, are fighting for the liberation of settlements in the Svetlodarsk region. Taking this milestone is very important. Svetlodarsk is a kind of springboard from where the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to fire on the territory of Donbass, shooting through key transport routes. The liberation of Svetlodarsk and the areas around it will deprive the Ukrainian army of such an opportunity. The MK correspondent visited one of the positions of the People's Militia of the LPR near Svetlodarsk, where she was able to talk with the military and ask them a few questions.

Photo: Lina Korsak

From Popasnaya, the road in the direction we need simply ceases to exist. More precisely, there is a passage, as it were, but regularly passing tanks and infantry fighting vehicles did their job. After the rain, the road looks like a sea of ​​black viscous mess, absolutely not suitable for the passage of the passenger car in which we move.

Although, it is worth noting that Schumachers are also found on such machines, which, judging by their appearance, should have completed their life cycle in the last millennium. Appearances are deceiving.

After the first attempt to overcome the ill-fated section, we decided not to tempt fate and transfer to more suitable vehicles. The decision, by the way, is very sensible, the road is regularly shot through by Ukrainian armed forces, and the prospect of getting stuck and becoming a human target is clearly far from the best.

Riding a “tablet” (one of the popular names for “UAZ”) was not very comfortable, but the key in this whole story was “driving”, so no one grumbled at the periodic bouncing and hitting his head on the ceiling. Fortunately, the path is short.

The driver parked the car near a dilapidated building, and we rushed to him. The sounds of the “exits” of our artillery, and most importantly, the Ukrainian “answers” suggested that it was better not to idly wander around the yard.

– Let's go down. Do you hear what's going on? Now it will get even worse, – seeing us, one of the servicemen shouted at the entrance to the building.

The next “arrival” did not force the man to repeat what he had said – we ran to the basement.

Into the dungeon , where, at first glance, there is little livable space, it turned out to be quite comfortable. If you can say that about the basement of the building that is being fired upon.

Photo: Lina Korsak

White-red old spaniel named Misha, not hiding his joy, spun at the feet of unexpected guests, periodically looking into the eyes in the hope of getting some sweets. A thin tortoise-shell cat was stretched out on a makeshift bed among the blankets.

– She has three legs, – one of the military men said, noticing my interest in the animal. – Therefore, the nickname Bussol.

The owner of a clearly non-cat name turned out to be very affectionate and, as soon as I sat down closer to her to stroke, I immediately seized the initiative and began to rub my head against my hand.

– Everyone is bad in the war, – watching Bussolka, another soldier said regretfully. – So she has minus one life now. But at least eight are still left.

“It’s a pity that you can’t say that about people,” I thought at that moment.

It is difficult to say how much time passed until the shelling subsided a bit, and the walls and ceiling of the basement stopped trembling. Maybe half an hour, maybe more.

– Go quietly for now, let Koba show you our trophies, – suggested the commander.

We obediently began to go upstairs.


“Koba” is an experienced warrior, the commander of one of the units. He has been fighting in Donbass since 2017. He says that he would have come back in 2014, but his wife was very against it.

Photo: Lina Korsak

Foreign anti-tank grenade launchers are decorously lying on the ground in the yard – help to the Kyiv troops from the Western allies.

– These gifts were found while moving forward. In principle, nothing new, we find such things everywhere, – says, squatting in front of the weapon, “Koba”. – Already learned how to use them.

– But how? – the interlocutor's face is hidden by a balaclava, but it becomes clear from narrowed eyes that our interest made him smile. – Like all Russians – in the process. Of course, I would like to graduate from the institute, but now it’s a pity there is no time …

Photo: Lina Korsak

Before picking up an abandoned trophy, says the interlocutor, it is usually carefully examined for the presence of explosive devices. The Armed Forces of Ukraine often use the tactics of mining weapons left in their positions. The trophies presented to us are fresh, so for now they just lie idle, but will soon be handed over to the servicemen of the People's Militia of the LPR.

– The enemy will be defeated by his own weapon, – without hiding pleasure, says “Koba”. – And we will go further, to victory. We don't have a choice. We did not choose this path, it was determined by our great-grandfathers long before we were born.

Donetsk, DNR.

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