July 28, 2022

What kind of shooting robot “Marker” appeared in the Russian Federation?

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Promising robot “Marker” for the first time will be shown to the general public in Kubinka near Moscow in mid-August this year. Two robots will be on display: one on wheeled and one on caterpillar chassis.

Brother of “Fedor's robot”

Previously, the security capabilities of this robotic platform were tested at the Vostochny cosmodrome. Within the framework of extended testing, autonomous patrolling of ground-based space infrastructure facilities, detection of border violators, their identification and interception, countering terrorist acts, and combating unmanned aerial vehicles were carried out.

At the beginning of the year, it was reported that work on the Marker robotic platform project had been completed. According to the developers, during the tests, the machine confirmed the declared characteristics. The project was completed in four years. During this time, two tracked and three wheeled autonomous platforms were created, equipped with a unified payload module and a cluster launch module for unmanned aerial vehicles. This is a joint development of the Advanced Research Foundation and the Android Technology Research and Production Association, which created the Fedor Robot.

While working on the project, testing of technologies and basic elements was carried out. For military use "Marker" taught to work with small arms and destroy ground and air targets. According to  producers, at present  Marker” can be controlled at a distance of two to five kilometers. But in the perspective the developers want to teach the robot to perform tasks at a removal of the operator hundreds and of kilometers.

Operate as a group

Last year, a demonstration sample of a group of ground-based robotic systems was tested. All five created robotic platforms were involved in the group. The robots autonomously solved the tasks of distributing targets in a group and reaching optimal firing positions and redistributing targets, independently responding to operational changes in the combat situation.

The wheeled robot successfully completed the task of long-term patrolling of the area in 5 hours 41 minutes. During this time, the platform covered 40 kilometers on off-road and 60 kilometers on dirt and paved roads. The robot moved around a conditional settlement, the length of one circle was 2.5 kilometers.

Check by fire

Also “Marker” passed a series of fire tests, during which the machine gun was fired in automatic mode, and also under the control of the operator. In addition, the robotic platform worked out autonomous movement around the range, target acquisition and firing at stationary and moving targets. The robot was also taught to cross the rivers, in November last year, “Marker” within the framework of acceptance tests, he overcame a ford with a depth of more than 0.8 meters.

The machine acted as a means of air defense and opposed unmanned aerial vehicles. Also from board "Markers" UAVs were successfully launched and experiments were carried out on controlling machines using reconnaissance, control and communication complexes. A module with unmanned aerial vehicles can be installed on its board, which provides autonomous launch of a large group of unmanned aerial vehicles. Each of them can perform tasks both as part of a group and individually. It was reported that in the  perspective, the complex could be armed with kamikaze drones.

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Robot “Marker”. Photo: RIA Novosti

Assembled from modules

Marker platform It is built on a modular principle, which allows you to quickly change the payload, surveillance systems, and also upgrade the robotic complex. В "Marker" integrated remote control, autopilot, computer system, vision system, etc. The composition of the equipment can be changed to perform certain tasks. At currently, the robot can operate both in radio-controlled and in autonomous mode.

When moving, the robot's multispectral vision system collects information about all moving and fixed objects at a distance of 100 meters and uses it for automatic laying and correction of the route. In addition, thanks to the use of the collected information, the "Marker" weapons must have selective destruction and high-precision shooting. It will be able to destroy only specified targets, thus reducing the danger to the civilian population. By the way, the robot is suitable for civil use, it can work as a porter, courier or security guard.



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