July 28, 2022

Roskomnadzor explained the requirement to revoke the license from Novaya Gazeta

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Novaya Gazeta did not provide the editorial charter within the deadlines established by the media law, Roskomnadzor said. Earlier, the department demanded to revoke the license from the publication. Novaya Gazeta reported that they would “defend their case”

Roskomnadzor demanded to invalidate the registration certificate of Novaya Gazeta, since the publication did not provide the editorial charter within the deadlines established by the media law, RBC was told in the press service of the department.

Roskomnadzor made such a demand after the publication received two warnings from the department. It clarified that they were issued based on materials published on the publication's website.

These warnings concerned the absence of markings of foreign agents in two materials on the site, Novaya Gazeta explained. The publication decided to challenge them in court. After receiving a warning, Novaya Gazeta also suspended the publication of the printed version, updating the website and social networks until the end of the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

Press Secretary of Novaya Gazeta Nadezhda Prusenkova told RBC that she saw “nothing new” in Roskomnadzor's demand. According to her, the publication received a ruling from the Supreme Court, which said that it had received a lawsuit on the fact that Novaya Gazeta had received two warnings in March this year. “We have no illusions about the Russian legal proceedings, we will go to court, we will defend our position,” — Prusenkova said. She called the grounds for the warnings far-fetched, noting that Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit before the date for the appeal was set.

The press secretary of the newspaper also clarified that the Supreme Court is talking about the registration of the electronic version of the media— website of the Novaya Gazeta. “We are now waiting for another lawsuit on the printed [version], it will be in the Basmanny Court. But there are other reasons, even more absurd, — she said.

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In the same month, the publication received two warnings from Roskomnadzor due to the lack of labeling of foreign agents in the material. After that, the newspaper suspended the publication of paper and online versions until the end of the special operation. In early July, Novaya Gazeta fined 300 thousand rubles. under the article on discrediting the army. The reason was not specified in the court.

The employees of Novaya Gazeta, who left Russia, created the publication Novaya Gazeta. Europe”, which was headed by Kirill Martynov. In April, Roskomnadzor restricted access to his website. And those journalists who remained in Moscow began to publish the New Story-Newspaper; (abbreviated as “But”). A week after the launch, Roskomnadzor, at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, blocked access to the site on the basis of Art. 15.3 of the Law “On Information”. On this basis, resources are blocked that publish calls for mass riots, extremism, rallies, as well as unreliable socially significant information. The publication itself called “discredit” the reason for blocking.

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