July 28, 2022

RIA Novosti: security officials revealed a group of Ukrainian agents who directed strikes on Kherson

By Azlyrics

An employee of a cannery was detained while trying to film a military facility.

Photo: pixabay.com

A source in law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti that Russian security forces had identified a group of Ukrainian agents who were adjusting artillery strikes on military personnel stationed in Kherson and the region.

According to him, when trying to film a military facility, he was detained a cannery worker.

“The citizen of Ukraine Andrey Tikunov turned out to be detained. He was a spotter of rocket and artillery fire of the Ukrainian military. In turn, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the points of temporary deployment of one of the Russian army corps in the Kherson region, ”RIA Novosti writes.

The source specified that the detainee was subscribed to the Telegram channel, which posted information about the location of Russian troops in region. Anyone could publish a post there.

Tikunov said that in April 2022 he came to Kherson from the village. His mother and brother are in the city.

“I filmed Russian military equipment and soldiers distributing humanitarian aid. Then I sent this video to the Telegram channel. Then some woman called me and asked me to send all the videos to her. I agreed. I sent her videos showing Russian checkpoints and everyday life in Kherson,” the detainee added.

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