July 27, 2022

Russia and Iran agreed on the supply of aircraft equipment and maintenance

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Russia and Iran signed an agreement on the supply of Iranian equipment for aircraft and on maintenance and maintenance services and technical support for Russian aircraft

Iran signed an agreement on the export of parts and aircraft equipment to Russia. Mirakbar Razavi, a representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of the Islamic Republic (CAO), said this, Mehr reports.

The document establishes the mechanism for the supply of Iranian equipment for aircraft, as well as the provision of maintenance services and technical support for Russian aircraft by Iranian repair centers, the representative specified. SAO.

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In addition, the countries signed a memorandum of understanding, according to which the number of passenger flights will be increased to 35 per week, Razavi added.

At the end of May, the Minister of Trade and Industry of Iran, Reza Fatemi Amin, said that Russia and Iran intend to introduce trade on the basis of barter. In particular, Tehran is interested in importing zinc, lead and alumina for the metallurgical and mining industries, Moscow will receive auto parts and gas turbines. The minister then noted that the countries had already agreed to introduce barter for the supply of a number of goods, including Russian steel.

From the end of February, the UK, the USA, the European Union and other countries imposed restrictions on the flights of Russian airlines. The EU has also imposed a ban on the export to Russia of goods and technologies used in the aviation and space sectors, as well as a ban on insurance and maintenance of goods related to these industries.

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The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has stopped maintenance and support of Russian airlines and the supply of spare parts to them. Following him, similar measures were taken by the European manufacturer Airbus.

In April, «Kommersant» citing sources in the Ministry of Transport, AEVT and two airlines, he wrote that, according to the negative scenario of the program for the development of the Russian air transport industry until 2030, from the second half of 2022, the fleet of foreign aircraft in the country will begin to decrease intensively and the dismantling of aircraft for spare parts will ensure the airworthiness of the remaining in the operation of the fleet.

At the end of May, Bloomberg reported that stocks of spare parts for aircraft of Russian airlines would last for three months.

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