July 27, 2022

How to create a favorable psychological climate in maternity hospitals?

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“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 30. Not the only one in its Mavrodi 27/07/2022

The forum “Strong Ideas for the New Times” has ended in Moscow. It discussed the proposals of the inhabitants of our country for its development. Their organizers received more than 19.5 thousand

– As told «AiF» in the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), which was one of the organizers of the forum, 5 thousand proposals related to changes in the social sphere, including the creation of a favorable psychological climate in maternity hospitals and the prevention of cancer.

“A lot practices and proposals from our citizens were in the field of preserving the reproductive health of women, – notedASI CEO Svetlana Chupsheva.– And also an important, delicate topic was raised by our initiators – childbirth support, assistance, postpartum care of a woman.

For example, the project “Other Obstetrics” was presented at the forum; (“YES”). It was developed by a doctor from St. Petersburg, Irina Iva.Explaining the need to create a favorable climate in maternity hospitals, she cited the results of an anonymous survey of 8,000 women who gave birth in state clinics. Of these, 80% said they were dissatisfied with their stay in the maternity hospital because of emotional humiliation. According to her, the negative emotions received by a woman in the maternity hospital have a negative impact after, when she decides whether to give birth or not to give birth to a second and third child.

But how to change the atmosphere? The author of the project proposed to train the deputy chief physicians of maternity hospitals on the principles of delivering without pressure on women in labor, and then to introduce testing of obstetrician-gynecologists for compliance with the title “YES”. Those who do not pass it the first time will be allowed to take training and receive the title later.

The second idea that received support is also related to caring for women. The project “Breast cancer screening for young women from high-risk groups” was presented at the forum. Its authorOksana Moldovanova– founder of the foundation for helping the sick.

Oksana's idea is to improve the screening scheme for close relatives of patients with hereditary breast cancer syndrome, as they are at risk of developing the disease.

Now Russian women under 40 are not included in the program of medical examinations and professional examinations. Moldovanova also suggested introducing digital services and using artificial intelligence to identify genetic predispositions to breast cancer. Such an examination, in her opinion, is necessary and useful for at least three reasons. First, it will allow women to live without fear of a fatal disease. Secondly, the state will preserve an active human resource. Thirdly, spending on untimely treatment will decrease.

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