July 26, 2022

Zelensky demanded to return the lost territories in a few weeks

By Azlyrics

Photo: president.gov.ua

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took just a few weeks to return the lost territories. He said this in a message to the delegation of the US Congress.

According to Politico, Zelensky noted that the current period is decisive. According to him, when winter comes, it will become much more difficult to conduct hostilities.

Adam Smith, head of the US House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services, agreed with him. According to him, Western assistance to Ukraine at the current stage is much more preferable, as it is more effective.

But low temperatures, as well as harsh climatic conditions in winter, “will slow down hostilities to an exhausting war of attrition.” And this will already play into the hands of the Russian troops, says Smith.

Earlier, the head of British foreign intelligence MI6, Richard Moore, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could launch a counter-offensive in a few weeks, when it would be possible to do so. According to him, the Russian Armed Forces will allegedly have to take a break soon, which will give the Armed Forces a chance to strike back.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg writes that the transfer of long-range weapons to the Ukrainian side will provoke a new phase of the conflict. It is noted that long-range MLRS delivered to Kyiv from the United States are allegedly capable of interrupting the advance of the Russian army in the eastern part of Donbass.

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