July 26, 2022

Turkey announced work on an analogue of the grain deal for fuel

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Ankara is working on a fuel supply agreement that will help resolve the energy crisis. This agreement will be similar to the grain deal concluded by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN .jpg” alt=”Turkey says it's working on an equivalent grain deal for fuel” />

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in an interview with Al Jazeera that he's working on a fuel deal that would look like an international deal on the export of Ukrainian grain stuck in the country.

“We are working on a fuel transfer agreement, similar to the grain agreement, which will help resolve the global crisis,” quoted Akar's words on Twitter with no other details.

Ships with millions of tons of grain and other agricultural products cannot leave Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the Russian military operation in the country. Against the backdrop of the food crisis that began in the world, Kyiv and Western countries accused Moscow of not allowing ships to pass; Russia insisted that Ukraine itself was to blame for the situation, having mined the ports.

On July 13, a meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations for the export of grain was held in Istanbul, Turkey and the UN acted as mediators in it. The parties agreed to establish a coordination center in Istanbul, where their representatives will be located. Moscow and Kyiv also agreed on technical issues, such as joint control at port exits and arrival points. A week later, the parties entered into an agreement on the export of grain. Russia and Ukraine signed the agreement separately: each of the countries concluded a grain deal with Turkey and the UN.

The Russian side believes that problems with the supply of agricultural products to world markets are related, among other things, to disruptions in the operation of production and logistics chains during the coronavirus pandemic, and the situation has worsened with the introduction of US and EU sanctions. Moscow calls the restrictions illegal. According to President Vladimir Putin, Europe, by imposing restrictive measures against Russia, arranges its own “economic suicide”.

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Amid sanctions, Putin instructed to diversify oil exports. According to Bloomberg, since the end of February, Russia has increased the supply of diesel fuel and other refined products to the Middle East. In June, the volumes reached 155 thousand barrels. per day, which was the maximum since the beginning of 2016.

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