July 26, 2022

Israel declares its readiness for dialogue on the issue of the Sokhnut agency

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Peskov previously stated that the requirement to liquidate the representative office of Sokhnut is connected with compliance with the law. The representative of the Prime Minister of Israel expressed hope for a dialogue on this issue = “Israel declared its readiness for dialogue on the issue of the Sokhnut agency” />

Israel is ready for dialogue with Russia on the issue of closing the representative office of the Sokhnut agency to preserve important relations between states, said a spokesman for the country's prime minister, reports The Times of Israel.

“Israeli-Russian relations are based on heritage, continuous ties and mutual interests. The Jewish community is central to these relations. If there really are legal issues arising from the important activities of the Jewish Agency in Russia, Israel, as always, is ready for a dialogue on this matter while maintaining important relations between countries, — said a spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister in response to a comment by Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier, Peskov said that Moscow has questions for the Sokhnut agency. in terms of compliance with Russian legislation. At the same time, he urged not to politicize the situation and not to project it onto the entire range of Russian-Israeli relations.

Agency «Sohnut» was founded in 1929, it contributed to the repatriation of Jews to Palestinian lands, and after Israel gained independence— to the Israeli state. In Russia, there is a representative office of the agency, ANO “Sohnut”. According to the organization's website, it has offices and partners in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Rostov, Pyatigorsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.

The Ministry of Justice asked to liquidate Russian representative office of Sokhnut July 21, pre-trial preparation of the case is scheduled for July 28. President of the Russian Jewish Congress Yuri Kanner told RBC that he did not know the reasons why such a decision was made.

According to the TV channel “13 Reshet”, the Russian authorities suspected “Sohnut” in the organization of the “brain drain” & mdash; desire to repatriate primarily businessmen and scientists. The Kremlin denied this information, saying that the requirement to liquidate the representative office of the Jewish Agency is connected with “compliance with Russian law.”

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Israel decided to send its delegation to Russia due to the situation around the agency. Prime Minister Yair Lapid warned that the closure of the Jewish Agency office would affect relations between the countries and instructed the Israeli Foreign Ministry to develop policy measures for this event. The agency's division itself plans to move its office to Israel and continue working remotely, the Jerusalem Post reported.

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