July 26, 2022

Estonia for five years banned the entry of the group “Hands up”

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The Estonian authorities banned members of the Hands Up group from entering the country for five years. Soloist Sergei Zhukov was banned from entering Latvia in March after speaking at a rally in honor of the annexation of Crimea in Luzhniki

Sergey Zhukov

Group “Hands up” entry to Estonia has been banned for five years, the decision was made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country the day before, according to the Estonian Foreign Ministry. The head of the department, Urmas Reinsalu, considered this decision to be the right one.

«Yesterday's decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ban entry into the Estonian state for the participants of Hands Up» is exceptionally correct,— The press service of the diplomatic mission quoted him as saying.

Reinsalu mentioned that the band members visited Crimea after its annexation to Russia, and stressed that Estonia continues to support Ukraine.

“I am sorry that the fans of the group“ Hands up ” in Estonia will not be able to attend concerts. I am pleased to invite them to my concerts in Russia»,— group leader Sergei Zhukov told RBC.

In April of this year, Estonia banned artists Polina Gagarina and Philip Kirkorov from entering. Prior to this, the Tallinn authorities proposed to draw up a list of artists who support Russian President Vladimir Putin, for whom a ban on entry to Estonia will be introduced.

Performances of the group “Hands up” and Polina Gagarina were in the program of the rally in honor of the annexation of Crimea, which took place on March 18 at Luzhniki.

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At the end of the same month, Latvia banned six more Russian artists from entering the country: actors Mikhail Boyarsky, Sergei Bezrukov, Igor Ugolnikov and Maria Shukshina, as well as singer Yulia Chicherina and hip-hop artist Timur Yunusov (Timati).

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