July 25, 2022

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation may resume printing 5 and 10-ruble bills by the end of the year

By Azlyrics

It became known what caused such a decision of the regulator.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is going to resume printing 5 and 10 ruble bills.

This may happen as early as the end of this year.

It is planned that banknotes of the 1997 model will be printed.< /p>

Such a decision is connected with the rise in price of metal, as well as with the advent of technologies that reduce the wear and tear of paper money.

Recall that 10-ruble notes were no longer issued in 2013, and 5-ruble notes &# 8211; in 1998.

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the return of these banknotes will reduce the cost of producing cash.

Representatives of the regulator noted that coins often simply lie at home with citizens and are poorly returned to appeal.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation emphasized that retailers support plans to return banknotes of 10 and 5 rubles.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Bank of Russia issued a new 100-ruble banknote.< /p>

The banknote was put into circulation on June 30.

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