July 25, 2022

Mayor of Krasnoyarsk went on promotion after Saraigate

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The mayor of Krasnoyarsk Eremin will become the deputy head of the region Eremin has been the mayor of Krasnoyarsk since 2017. He will move to the regional administration against the backdrop of criticism of the urban planning policy of the city authorities =”The mayor of Krasnoyarsk went on promotion after Saraigate” />

Alexander Uss and Sergey Eremin

Krasnoyarsk Mayor Sergey Eremin has been appointed Deputy Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, according to the website of the regional government.

In his new position, Eremin will continue the work he was doing, but at a higher level, said the head of the region, Alexander Uss. In the regional administration, the former mayor will oversee the improvement of Krasnoyarsk and other cities.

“I thank you for your work as head of the city. Of course, there were also successes, there were also roughnesses. Deputies of the Legislative Assembly and the city council paid attention to a number of them. But only those who do nothing do not have problems. We have a lot of work ahead of us. And I wish you success in your new position, & mdash; Uss said.

According to Eremin, on July 26 he will submit a statement to the city council of deputies on the voluntary resignation of the head of the city, and next week a session meeting will be held where the deputies will accept his resignation.

Eremin is 46 years old. He became mayor of Krasnoyarsk in 2017. Prior to that, he was an assistant to the Minister of Transport of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, head of the regional department of highways, and since 2012 he has served as head of the regional Ministry of Transport.

Recently, the regional authorities, including Uss himself, have been critical of the administration of Krasnoyarsk. In particular, in June, the Legislative Assembly created the Saraigate website, which publishes information about “illegally exploited plots of land”; in Krasnoyarsk. On the main page of the site, an appeal was published by deputy Ilya Zaitsev, head of the working group created in the regional parliament on this issue. He calls the actions of the city authorities “wrecking”, “causing serious questions and suspicions.” According to Zaitsev, we are talking about “a well-established scheme for the transfer of municipal land plots for a pittance into private hands.”

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